Raidleading… Again! – Blaugust day 16

Yesterday evening I found myself once again in an awkward position. I seem to attract that a lot. Maybe because I can’t seem to keep my nose out of stuff that’s not entirely my business. I just really don’t like it when I’m a part of something that doesn’t work because of people being stupid.
We have basically two leaders in our guild at the moment and they can’t stand eachother. They are usually fighting and bitching and it influences the raid massively. One is a rager (he has a really bad temper) and will shout at everyone including himself. The other one is slightly autistic and not fit to be leader material in my opinion. I used to be the third leader, but due to circumstances I shed the officer mantle and just went back to being a raider.
Now, yesterday evening we had the usual attendance drama. People accept calendar invites and then either show very late without notice, or don’t show at all. This has been an ongoing issues in our guild and yesterday Leader number 2 was sick and tired off it and logged off. After a lot of talking back and forth I got him to log back on again, albeit very grumpy.

From that point I decided to take up the raidleader mantle again. Our guild just needs someone to speak up on Teamspeak, to coordinate the group and the invites and to just make sure raiding is being done in a decent atmosphere.
I think I succeeded in that last night where there was for once no drama or bitching. We downed the five bosses we are familiar with, even getting someone entirely new to four of them through. People got loot, we wiped a few times, there were some laughs and it was all fine. But only because I once again decided to step up and step in. No one else in the guild can be bothered to do so and I hate it when there are minor issues that would prevent a raid from happening.

Our GM (who is retired and no longer counted amongst leadership) was already mocking me for stepping up again. Saying “I never change” and he is probably right. However I wouldn’t have to step up if we had competent leaders who would do their job properly. But I guess I’m once again going to be the officer without an officer title. Simply because I just can’t sit idly by watching needless drama happen.
And because when I lead, there is no drama, no shouting, no crying and no grumpyness. I feel like I can make a raid fun to be in, even for myself, and I guess that’s what matters in the end. Right?

2 thoughts on “Raidleading… Again! – Blaugust day 16

  1. "I just really don't like it when I'm a part of something that doesn't work because of people being stupid." – I need that quote on my CV.

    Back when I was running nightly groups in our MMO at the time with my clan , we shared the leadership in a similar manner as you described, however despite performing a similar role I used to find that the combination of all 3 personalities gave us balance of a sort.

    Maybe you need to find Raid organisers who site outside of the command structure

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