An Ambitious Project – Blaugust day 15

I made it halfway! Even if I’m two days behind, I’m now officially halfway through Blaugust. I hope to make another post later today, to catch up more, but for now I want to share with you an ambitious little project I want to start up. I hope I can actually commit to this, since I have really wanted to for a while and the familiar itch is once again itching so yeah.

Let’s start off with the story so far. At some point in time I made a second account due to circumstance. I was in a bad place, fighting with a lot of people and I needed to be able to play my games anonymously. I was still very much into WoW at the time and decided to buy the base game (which now includes up untill MoP) for €5. It gave me a month of free play aswell and I was happy. Over time I forgot about this account as stuff went back to normal. I didn’t really have a reason to play it anymore and shoved it on the shelf.

Since launch many more have been added ofcourse!

Fast forward a few months. I’m playing Heroes of the Storm quite a bit on my main account but feel like I’ve once again have made the mistake of just getting too many champions off the bat. I really only play Valla and Tyrande and battled my way to 40 on them mostly. I log in to do my daily quests to unlock more champions, but I really don’t play any of them.
I consider myself a decent player, decent enough to carry a game on Valla or Tyrande if I have to and if my teammates aren’t complete idiots, but I feel like I’ve “wasted” too many gold on this account. I bought a bunch of champions that I never play and thus am not good at and I feel a bit stuck.

Enter account number two. It’s a fresh account. There are no bought champions on it yet and I haven’t spent any money on this account, apart from paying that €5 for a WoW license. An idea begins to form in my head. What if I have an account where I can just focus on only the champions I really want to play? Spam super many games on them? Stay anonymous and solo and just battle my way up to max level and then through the ranks? So instead of owning a whole pool of champions I don’t play, I just focus on mastering one at a time on this alternate account. Which I can then use on my main account aswell. It’s safe. It’s anonymous and I can spend as much or as little time on it as I wish.

And thus Project: Heroes is born. I want to pick up one champion at a time and master it. Spam 100 games in a row atleast. Learn the ins and outs on an account that nobody knows of and translate those skills into my main account. So that I can “carry” games better, get a better understanding of the game and it’s different roles and hopefully master more champions than I have been doing now.
I really want to share this project on my blog because I really want to go through with it for once and instead of just having it in my head I am now making it public. And maybe it will help me make this happen.

I’ve already chosen the first champion of my Project..


She is also already more or less my “main” champion on my normal account but due to me putting emphasis on my dailies I hardly get to play her. And getting a hold of her in Ranked games is very hard when you’re not one of the first picks. So yeah. I’m planning to play 100 games on her. Just get to know her kit, experiment with her builds and get better than I have been so far. Maybe at the end of the 100 games I will buy a Master skin with gold (assuming I will be level 10), seeing as I feel like I’ve earned it then but I’m not sure yet. I’m not picking up another champion untill I’ve completed my 100 games on her.

I will add my progress of this project under the “gaming goals” page and will try to update about it in my blog posts aswell. I really hope I can stick to this! Because I’m sure it will help me get better at the game.
And before I get the obvious question: Why not do this on your  main account? I feel like my main account is a bit of a mess. I also feel like I can’t really play anonymously or whenever I want since I have a big friends list and there’s always someone online who I’m chatting with. I just want to focus on this, with a clean slate and no disturbances from anyone.

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