Dance, Dance, Dance – Blaugust day 23

I’m writing this post feeling super tired. There was a really big dance festival near where I live yesterday and I went there with a good friend of mine and we literally danced the day and night away. I think I’ve been on my feet for about 9 hours, counting the walk to and from the trainstation aswell. I haven’t been this tired in ages and I haven’t felt this great in ages.
The atmosphere was fantastic, the people were great and the music was good enough to keep you on your feet constantly. Which isn’t that hard seeing as there were about 6 stages to choose from. We were really lucky with the weather aswell, it was nice and sunny, not too hot and not too cold. No wind. Barely any clouds. There was beer, there was good food. All in all it was just a great day.

The funny thing is, after everything was over and done and I was laying in bed, the only thing I really wanted was to go home and spend some time behind my PC. Check out the new Diablo 3 season, play some Hearthstone and/or Heroes or just chat with some of my online friends, which I haven’t talked too that much since getting my job. I really needed a day to wind down and just relax with some of my comfortable games. After writing my previous post, and the kind comments I’ve gotten on it, I realized that I’m still able to do all that I want and I should just stress less about everything. It’s not horrible if I miss out on an evening of games because I’m tired. It’s not horrible if I do other stuff. Gaming doesn’t define me, but it’s still my favourite pastime.

Seeing as I’m out of the house/on the road more often I’ve been playing a lot more mobile games. I’ve had the Simpsons Tapped Out installed on my phone since forever and ofcourse there is Hearthstone which I can play on the go. But I also installed Fallout Shelter (and am sucking horribly at it) and the Final Fantasy portal app which comes with a Triple Triad game for free! It has really helped me get better at Triple Triad and I hope I can use those skills to finally get into it in FFXIV.
Speaking of FFXIV. I have utterly failed at all the gaming goals I’ve set there. My WHM is level 46, my DRG doesn’t even have enough esoterics yet to buy her chestpiece and I’ve barely touched the game at all. I guess I’m just a bit turned off by the time that it consumes when the only thing you want to do is run one or two dungeons. I really  need to figure out how to do this without me getting so annoyed with the game that I want to quit permanently, because for that I like the game way too much.

For now though I’m going to get a good night’s sleep and get to work bright and fresh in the morning. So that I can zombie my way through heroic Hellfire Citadel in the evening.