Shameless Stealing: Ranking the Races

So Syp over at Bio Break did a post a few weeks ago where he ranked all the races in World of Warcraft. I am shamelessly stealing this idea and will present my own ranking from best to worst in this post. Just as sidenote, I don’t play male characters in MMO’s so all these opinions are based on the female models that are in the game. 

Best: Night Elf
Anyone who has followed me for an extended amount of time knows of my love for the Night Elves. I like the original lore, portraying them as badass matriarchal society where the women did the fighting where the men stayed at home. My main has been a Night Elf Warrior for years and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. They also have a good dose of the pretty, I like looking at the pretty, and in general I’m a fan of how armour and weapons look on them aswell as their combat animations in general. They also make the best Druids without any race even coming close.

Blood Elf
Yes, I like elves. Sue me.
Blood elves were the first and only attractive race to play as Horde for a long time. It’s my default Horde race and I enjoy everything about them from armor looks to their sassy jokes. It’s too bad that they can’t be Shamans or Druids or I would have an entire army of Elves on both Horde and Alliance side. As it should be!

Ahh the spacegoats. I can’t say why exactly I take a fondness to Draenei but after the Elves they are my favourite race. I especially enjoy the Lightforged ones but the original Draenei kick ass aswell and I’ve played a Draenei Priest for a very long time because of it. Their passive is great (selfhealing for the win), I like their Russian/Greek oriented accents and Velen seems to be one of the few leaders who actually does something. All in all a great race to play and the reason why I have not one but two Draenei Shamans, a Draenei Hunter and a Draenei Paladin.

Now we come to a bit of an odd one. You see when I rolled Horde back in Wrath there weren’t that many options to choose from when you were a Warrior. I would absolutely never go Orc and I didn’t like the way armor looked on Undead and Tauren so Troll was, back then, my only option. The funny thing is the race grew on me. You could pick a pretty face and small tusks and have this amazing tomahawk type hairstyle in bright red, blue, green or pink. I loved it and I loved my Warrior. Right now I have a Troll Druid Horde side that I enjoy and I think I’ll make a Zandalari Shaman when I can.

I know that Humans tend to be the standard, run of the mill, type characters, it’s why they start off the middle of the pack for me. The only really awesome thing about female Humans is that for some reason weapons are grossly oversized looking on them, making my Warrior dualwielding Armageddon an absolute hilarious thing to see. I still have a Human Mage, who is a nice tribute to Jaina, but I doubt I’ll make any more Human characters.

I’m mostly putting Pandaren over Gnomes/Worgen because I just love my baby Monk. It’s literally the only class they look right as for me and if Blizzard had decided only Pandaren could be Monks I would be happy. I have no issues playing her for long periods of time. I love everything about her. But don’t roll anything that isn’t a Monk. Just doesn’t work.

I couldn’t really decide here so I tied them. I like Gnomes. They’re cute, they have pigtails and pink hair and they’re sassy. What I don’t like however is the fact that armor just doesn’t look right on them and that, for a very long time atleast, the game perspective was odd. I’m tiny in real life and playing a tiny character grates my gears. So yeah.
Worgen had so much potential when they were introduced and I still think my Worgen Warlock is an absolute badass but Blizzard essentially screwed up Female Worgen faces and voices. I can’t really stand to play her too long unfortunately. Maybe after a makeover they so deserve.

Dwarves suffer from the same things as Gnomes for me. They are just too small and armor just doesn’t look right on them. Maybe the Dark Irons will redeem them a bit but rolling a female Dwarf? No thanks.

Again a tie. Goblins have interesting customization and I’ve made a Goblin more than once intending to play it for a longer time. But alas. The “tiny race” issue pops up again and I tend to not log in anymore. Maybe I should try again at some point.
Tauren are on the opposite spectrum for me. I find them too big/bulky and their customization lacking. Armor doesn’t really look right, I don’t like their voices and I have a hard time just playing what is essentally a straight up cow.

I would put Undead higher on the list if I was able to somehow get rid of all the body clipping through armor. Or the fact that they don’t stand up straight. Or the fact that they’re basically rotted and I like the pretty and It’s. Really. Hard.  to make an undead pretty. 

The worst: Orcs
I hate Orcs. You know how Syp is not shy about sharing his hatred for Elves? I’m pretty sure my hatred for Orcs rivals it. I dislike their lore, I dislike their race and their looks. If Orcs were deleted from the game I wouldn’t shed a single tear. Even the Magh’ar ones won’t save this one. No Orcs for me! And this transcends to any other game including Orcs of some variety.

Bonus: Allied Races
A small list of my ranking of the Allied Races!
1. Void Elves: Hello, more elves! Yes please.
2. Lightforged Draenei: More Draenei, more kickass. I’ll take it.
3. Nightborne Elves: See number 1.
4. Dark Iron Dwarves: I made one on the beta and she looked amazing!
5. Zandalari Trolls: I like Trolls, I’ll make another one.
6. Highmountain Tauren: Again, it’s still a cow.
7. Kul Tiran Humans: Humans, but fat. Not a fan. Not even for the awesome wicker Druid forms.
8. Magh’ar Orcs: Do I even need to explain this one?

Blaugust Is Here and Darnassus Is Not

I have waited to write this post untill after I did the next leg of the War of the Thorns quest (SPOILERS AHEAD). I found it fitting to take one last screenshot on my Warrior in her home before it would burn. I knew it was coming and I knew it would be heartbreaking from the Alliance point of view and it most definitely was. I have to admit that at the end when you collapse after trying to rescue citizens and are directed back to Stormwind while the Night Elf Priestesses stayed behind had me tearing up. It’s such a sad event and I’m particularly mad at Blizzard at the way they chose to write this. Sylvanas burning the tree in a hissy fit? Really? Even though I know I should wait to see how this plays out I find it very disturbing that Blizzard pulled off this particular move and am beyond disappointed at the writing team right now. I can’t even bring myself to do the Horde side of things because I’m just so… so mad and emotional. I don’t want to aid her in burning the World Tree. I don’t want to have to do anything with Sylvanas at all at this point. Hell even my decision to go Horde for BfA has been heavily affected by this whole scenario. Even though all my friends play Horde I just can’t bring myself to go over to that side right now. It just feels wrong and evil and I want nothing to do with it. There is a reason my main character is a Night Elf and I will do her proud by keeping on playing one into BfA and crush as many Horde as I can. I also know that Blizzard is playing with our emotions like this so we really get into the faction conflict. Well for me it has worked. Nobody touches my tree!

August 1st will always be the day that the Night Elves lost their home now, but it’s also the first day of Blaugust! With a very lively Discord and lots of participants this year I’d love to see how everything turns out. We have game bloggers from all directions of the earth and from all sorts of games. I personally will probably be writing a lot about World of Warcraft the coming weeks, the BfA launch comes at a great time for me, and I want to dedicate a small series of posts to Octopath Traveler which has smoothly worked it’s way into my top 3 favourite single player games of all times. For a full list of participants I’d like to direct you all to this post by Belghast who is once again doing a fantastic job in managing all of this. It’s also his 20th wedding anniversary so drop by and congratulate him!

I really had a long awesome post in the works for the start of Blaugust but my day went a bit different than I thought it would. I ended up with a bit of a headache after being slightly overheated at a barbecue and I honestly can’t formulate sentences very well right now. So my awesome post will be postponed untill tomorrow. I will recap what I loved and didn’t love about Legion and what the status of my goals set untill launch are! So goodnight for now and I will see you guys tomorrow!