A Noble Hour

Hi everyone and welcome to my weekly series of “A Noble Hour”. What is this you might ask? Well I have decided to start a little project in the weekends on FFXIV. I’ve started up a new character and will only play her ONE hour on Saturday or Sunday, depending on what day is more […]

I’m Back On Azeroth…

After being WoW-less for about a month and a half the itch finally got too much for me and I resubbed for a month. I’m not really sure why but I just felt the urge to play my Hunter again. Maybe being inspired by playing/seeing people play a Bard on FFXIV while I don’t intend […]

In The Meantime

Last Saturday the game that I’ve been waiting for for more than 6 months arrived: Pokémon X! I’m very psyched about this since I’m a huge fan of the Pokémon series as a whole and have one game of each generation, except Black/White 2 since I found those to be silly. It’s the first Pokémon […]

I Made It!

I made it! Level 50 White Mage. Late last night I finally dinged level 50. The last level actually went quite smooth. I had saved up my exploration and hunting log and by the time I had done those I had already done 380k out of the 530k experience needed to ding level 50. After […]

Dripping Along

Today marked the first day of ideal gaming weather: cold, windy and rainy. For me personally there’s no better weather imaginable to focus on a game for a few hours. It’s so nice to be in a different world when you can hear the wind roaring around your house and the rain pouring on your […]

Final Fantasy XIV 101: Levelling

Today I’ve found some time to write down some of my thoughts on Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. I’ve been playing the game since launch now and feel like I can publish my opinion on certain things and the first thing I want to topple is…. Levelling! I’m currently level 37 on my highest […]

The Final Fantasy High

The past two weeks I have been losing myself in the vast realm of Eorzea. I’m really loving Final Fantasy 14 and spend most of my time online playing the game. Currently I’ve mostly abandoned my Character on the Phoenix server (this is an EU server) because the friends that I went there to play […]