Guild Wars and Job Wars

THE JOB Today I finally managed to get through the first round of job interviews in a very long time. I have applied to a summer job for the month of August (data entry) and after a bit of an awkward conversation on the phone I was told I was through to the next round. […]

Coming Home

After about 5 hours of travel last night I could finally greet my own bed again in the evening. Sweden has been a blast, I’ve done lots and lots of walking the past week, but being home again is very nice aswell. I had to take care of a lot of things since apparently this […]


I have signed myself up for Blaugust 2015. I hesitated at first, but maybe it’s good to try it, so I have a bit more commitment to writing on this blog. Although this blog isn’t that old, I’m not really a newcomer when it comes to blogging. I’ve been blogging on and off on different […]

Greetings from Sweden

In my last blog I gave a short goodbye to World of Warcraft. I’ve spent this week on vacation in Sweden and I have to say, I don’t miss my MMO’s at all. I didn’t bring my authenticator with me on purpose so I only had some Hearthstone on my phone to play and the […]

The honeymoon is over

After Blizzard confirming that Hellfire Citadel would be the last raid of the Warlords of Draenor expansion I have been thinking about my WoW time and how I see the future. I have always loved WoW as game, it has been my escape from reality, I have grinded many many hours to obtain rare items, […]

Screaming My Lungs Out

Ever had the feeling that you just want to scream so loud your lungs give out? That you can’t speak for atleast a day, but that it feels like a huge relief? That’s the state I am in right now. I want to scream for all the opportunities I’ve not taken. For all the tears […]

Crafting in FFXIV: Where to start?

After poking about on my baby Ninja on Cactuar I had decided to pick up some Crafting classes so that I wouldn’t be falling behind on them as much as I have on my main on Moogle. After some careful consideration on how I was going to do this I went ahead and started levelling […]