The Heroes Project – Blaugust day 18

Before I get to the real point of this post, I need to have a little rant about mothers, kids, and social media.
One of my best friends has a kid. I love the little spawn to death (number two is on the way by the way) and she posts a lot of pictures of her on Facebook and over Whatsapp. It’s not a daily occurrence but often enough to make me roll my eyes a little. But I bite my tongue. There are parents who post much much more pictures of their spawn, often to the annoyance of a lot of people around them.
Now, posting pictures of your 3-4 year old kid is adorable. However making your 3-4 year old kid an own facebook account is where I go “What the hell?!”. Obviously the kid itself is too young to decide on this and knowing who is the mother.. it’s just a way for mommy to whore some more attention. And I feel sick by it. That you whore for attention on your own account is one thing. Don’t use your kid to “ask” for even more. Kids that young have no place on social media and I don’t think it’s healthy for the kid in question to be known on the internet by first and last name on that young of an age. I can only see this go wrong, but I hope that won’t be. Otherwise I’ll feel even more bad for the kid in question…

The Real Subject
Right now that I have that off my chest. Heroes of the Storm. I finally managed to sit down and play for a bit on my main and my project account. Unfortunately I had an unlucky evening with a big losing streak. Out of 7 games played I only won 1. Usually after losing 3-4 games in a row I just call it quits. Losing streaks are never fun, especially when playing ranked games.  Most of the ones for this particular evening were caused by people just being terrible at picking working team compositions and then being even more terrible at the champion they pick. And in Heroes this is as much of a problem as in the other MOBA’s. However where you can more or less carry a game solo on League of Legends if you’re good enough this is just not possible on Heroes. The game is way too team and objective oriented and once you start getting behind it’s really hard to get back and win. Especially on maps like Blackheart’s Bay.
I decided I will do the quests given on my project account, simply to rack up the gold it gives. Which means I will have to deviate from only spamming one champion. I’m still planning to play atleast 100 games on Valla before focusing on a new champ, but I will take some “side trips” to other champions just to get my dailies done.

Speaking of Valla, I’m on 5/100 games now.
I’m still of the opinion that she is a great champion to play, albeit somewhat squishy. Her kit is good and I’m very fond of champions who have ways to escape when things get tough. I do notice the meta changing. With the latest three champions all being melee/warrior oriented I feel like Valla is in a tighter spot than she has been. Both Leoric and Butcher have a way to stick to champions aswell as the newly released Monk Hero: Kharazim. Right now I think they are all a bit broken in the sense that they all have a really great kit for getting in range of champions and they all have ways to have incredible self sustain, which makes them almost impossible to deal with. It also means that support champions are a bit obsolete healing wise. I guess Tyrande can really shine at the moment with her stuns, since the only way to stop these new champions is by CC’ing them…
It also makes me think about maybe picking one of them up after I do my 100 games on Valla. I’m usually not too fond of melee characters (Illidan being the exception) but I think I owe myself to atleast pick either Butcher, Leoric or Kharazim up. Just because they seem like powerhouses right now and a musthave for anyone who wants to play Heroes seriously.
With the weekend infront of me I should have some more time to play all my games, so this naturally includes Heroes aswell. I hope I can get up to 20/100 games on Valla. I’m not gonna set it as goal, but it is what I’m aiming for right now.
I’ll keep you guys updated!

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