Catching Pokémon and Finishing Games

As I sit down to write this post I’m still progressing yesterday and today in my mind. Both days have been exhausting in their own ways and both days managed to put a real damper on my mood. Especially trying to make it through an entire day of work while being so tired that I actually almost fell asleep a few times behind my desk has left me reeling. I’m still incredibly tired and will probably head to bed not long after this post is published, but I felt like I had to write to just get stuff off my chest, both good and bad.

First off…
I went to see a friend of mine yesterday who normally lives in Norway. For the summer though he’s actually visiting Dutchieland since his girlfriend lives here and I really wanted to meet up when he was here since he’s a cool guy and I hadn’t seen him in forever, not really counting the 3 hours after he landed somewhere before Christmas. So I took a train to the other side of the country and met up with him and her and it would be a day of watching “Stranger Things” (which I now need to finish, damnit), catching Pokémon at the local park and something I can only describe as a tantrum a 3 year old would be proud of during dinner. Which made the rest of the evening go by slowly and quite awkward. Only good thing is that I made massive progress in Pokémon Go, hit level 12 on my Trainer and got enough Eevee’s to get my first evolution… Which turned into Vaporeon!
For someone who is quite casual about the game it’s really nice to get a bit of progress in and catch/evolve some Pokémon I hadn’t obtained yet. I even managed to get a Pikachu, so that made me really happy aswell.

One of my goals for this month was to finish the Story Mode of Kirby: Planet Robobot. With me having to travel about 2 hours back and forth yesterday this gave me the perfect opportunity to do just that. I had been slowly pushing through all the zones, making sure I got all the datacubes in every level as I played. I actually managed to get all the datacubes, which unlocks a rare sticker, by the time I was in the bus home for the last leg of the journey. Which left me with just the endboss to kill. Or well “just the endboss”… The last Boss level of this particular Kirby game is a chain of bossfights. They’re all executed well and are all unique and fun, but holy hell. I never imagined that defeating all those fights would take me almost an hour, but it was definately worth it. As of now I’m at 70% completion for the entire game. I’m not sure if it counts stickers collected since I still need a lot of those or if it just looks at completion of the different game modes.
With finishing story mode I unlocked The Arena and the Metaknight Nightmare modes, both of which are fun to play. In the Arena you just take on bosses. In the Nightmare mode you rerun the game as Meta Knight and try to set a good time doing so. I’ve tested both modes shortly before heading to bed since by then it was almost 12 and I had to work today so I couldn’t really stay up that late.
In any case I can already scratch off one gaming goal of my August to-do list and this pleases me a lot. I’ve not been this hooked on a game in a very long time and for me to complete it and see the credit rolls within three to four weeks of buying the game is something that hasn’t happened in a very long time. Granted I could have played through much faster but I mostly play my 3DS on the train as I travel to and from work, which was just enough time to complete exactly one level. I clocked in about 10 hours on the game to finish Story Mode with all the Data Cubes. This is more or less in line with the average on “How Long to Beat”. Now I just need to 100% the game.. Which I plan to do eventually.

For now though I’m going to bed happy knowing I only have to work one more day this week and then have a nice gaming weekend to look forward to. I foresee a lot of Yo-Kai grinding, Crystal Tower and maybe even some Overwatch in my not to distant future.

Chasing Yo-Kai

I’ve had a lovely weekend filled with games. Especially today I really got my gaming groove on and did Crystal Tower, a significant amount of FATE farming on FFXIV and finished off the fourth area of Kirby Planet Robobot. And with finished I mean I found all the cubes, thus unlocking an extra stage… Where I found all the cubes aswell! Good times indeed.

Before I discuss the main chunk of this weekend I just want to get a few words in about the 3DS game that has been sucking up almost all of my non MMO time. I got Kirby for €25 about two weeks ago and I’ve been playing it constantly ever since. I’ve never really fully played a Kirby game, but the colourful design and the good impressions it seems to elicit around the web made me cave and buy it earlier than I intended to. So far I’ve been having a blast playing, trying to get most of the stuff on my first runs in levels. Next to 5 levels and a boss level every area you can also unlock an extra level by obtaining all datacubes in every level in an area. Next to datacubes there’s also stickers to obtain in every level, some of normal (blue) quality, some of rare (golden) quality. So far I’ve managed to obtain all datacubes in Area 1, 2 and 4 and I only have 3 left in Area 3. As far as stickers go. I think I’ve gotten quite a lot, but I’m far from being complete.
The game is very happy, bright colours, cool music, not too complicated gameplay. I have died a few times, but that was due to me being a bit of a tard and falling down into the abyss in some levels. I think I have about 5 hours of gameplay in so far and I’m at about 35% completion. I know you unlock new modes after finishing the Story Mode so I’m slowly working my way through that. With only two areas to go I’m sure I’ll be able to atleast beat the endboss of Story Mode this week and then I’ll see what I unlock.

Farming Minions and Weapons
The people who follow me on Twitter already  have seen me post a few pics of me obtaining some Yo-Kai weapons over the week. So far I have the Paladin, Warrior and Ninja weapon on Sandrian and the Warrior weapon on Sarella. I also managed to obtain all 13 minions on Sandrian this afternoon so I could get the Whisper-Go mount. Even though I don’t have much with the Yo-Kai franchise in general I do think all the minions, weapons and the mount are quite cute and a must have on both my characters. Luckily the event lasts all the way untill October, meaning I don’t have to frantically grind to get everything I want. Ofcourse it will still be a lot of work to get all THIRTEEN weapons on both my characters, but seeing the current droprates for the legendary medals you trade in for the weapons, the grind isn’t that bad. I’m in the realm of needing 15 medals per weapon now so it’ll take a bit longer than the 7 I needed for my first one, but farming FATES while waiting for queues to pop has proven to be a very effective way to get my medals and not be bored while waiting for stuff. Couple it with me still having a lot of sub-60 classes and I’m also getting a good chunk of leveling done aswell. My Warrior on Sarella dinged 45 and my Machinist on Sandrian dinged 51 so I’m making some progress in that department aswell!
What’s also really nice is that you can immediatly store the weapons you obtained in your armoire so they don’t take up space in your bags. I’m not sure how many I’ll use for glamours. So far I’m using the Warrior one on Sarella and the Ninja one on Sandrian because I do like the looks of them… For now.

Next to the whole Yo-Kai event I’ve also worked my way through Crystal Tower for the week. I really want to upgrade my Kannagi so I’ll have to bite the bullet and queue up for all the old raids every week for five weeks in a row. With two weeks done I should be done with my upgrade in about three weeks from now, getting a nice glow back on my weapon.
If it wasn’t for the relic upgrade I probably never would have set foot in the old Crystal Tower raids again. I never really liked them a lot, especially World of Darkness, and with so many people rolling on a few of the things I am actually interested in it used to be a very disappointing experience for me as a whole. I can’t count how many times I’ve rolled on the Onion Knight minion and never won it. The music scrolls they added now fall under the same category. Too many people rolling on them. I did however manage to get lucky in my first run of WoD (I had to do a second one because I had forgotten to pick up the weekly quest…) and somehow won the “Puff of Darkness” minion with a very shitty roll. I can only assume that almost everyone else in the raid already had it or didn’t care about it enough to roll on it.

It makes me happy to have it though! I’m over 100 minions collected now. Also thanks to the Yo-Kai event. I still miss a lot of them but even then. More than 100 minions is a lot.
I’ve also been seriously considering ordering the two carbuncle plushies since they’re available in the Square Enix EU store again but man the prices of those things! I don’t mind paying for the plushie and the ingame minion, but with shipping costs included it’s quite expensive in the end. I do want them though, so I’ll wait for my credit card to refresh for August, I’ve limited myself to max €100 euro a month on that thing, and then I’ll probably order them anyway.

All in all I’ve had a nice weekend. Lots of games. Game streams. It was nice. And next to all of that I still got my chores done too!