Sunday Scale – January

Hello everyone and welcome to my monthly weight check up column type thing. I’m actually not sure how to call this but I just want to check in once a month and “report” on how my weight loss is going. I’m planning to do this on the first sunday of every month… Which will also be the time where I choose to stand on the scale.
I don’t like looking at my weight, since it’s mostly a confirmation of the horrible year that 2015 has been for me, marked by inactivity, binge eating and lots of therapy. I’m slowly coming down from that again now though and am currently 70kg (as you can see on the picture). As you can also see, my goal weight is 60kg and with the rate of weightloss I’m having now I should reach that goal in +/- 10 months.
I’m basing this off the fact that I’m more or less dropping 1kg per month now and that is on a pattern of technically not going to the gym and only on the activity I get on my workdays. I’m hoping to start dropping more weight, since one of my New Year’s resolutions was to go to the gym more often, which I am actually planning on doing.

Reward System
To keep me motivated to stay on my path of losing weight I bought a few Disney Infinity figurines yesterday that I want to use as reward every time I lose 2kg. Depending on how lazy I am this can mean I get one new figurine every two months… Or one every month. I’ve packed them up and stored them away in a cabinet so I don’t know which figurine is which anymore, thus making it a true surprise when I open one up. Something I will absolutely share on the blog here with you guys! I’m really excited to see this through and forcing myself to make atleast a monthly update will hopefully keep my motivation high aswell.

Music Wars
I entered an interesting conversation yesterday with a friend after he linked me a videoclip by Limp Bizkit… Who I never liked. I told him I could find way better music than that and with that started a sort of musical War. The rules are a bit unclear but mostly it’s about linking songs together. This can be done through various ways. It can be the same artist, there can be words shared in the title but also more complicated links are allowed like titles sharing a same theme or songs being on a same compilation CD. I even managed to link two songs together because they were directed by the same guy. Oh and I linked Led Zeppelin to The Who due to Keith Moon basically giving Led Zeppelin it’s name. So far it’s been a really fun game which we can keep on playing on and off inbetween the rest of our conversations. It took up most of my evening last night, preventing me from playing any games. But it’s totally worth it having a night filled with music and fun with a friend.

And who knew you could ever link Lady Gaga to U2?

Ska time! – Blaugust day 17

Every now and then I am in a silly mood and I need to listen to some British Ska. I really love the genre for it’s wackyness and am heavily disappointed I wasn’t around when it was a big thing. So for tonight I’m just putting on some Ska and have a happy evening. Which also includes Hot Butter – Popcorn, which seriously cheers me up after having a few crappy days.

All sillyness aside. There has been so much drama in my WoW guild the past week that I’ve lost all the will to log onto anything at all. People are annoying and take things the wrong way, and it’s causing all kinds of crap. Add to it that I’m tired from work and all I want to do in my free time is lay down and sleep.
It’s bumming me out. It’s getting in the way of my plans and it’s frustrating me. The only game I get some stuff done on is Hearthstone since I play that at work during offtime. This week’s brawl is amazing btw but that’s something different.
So yeah. Gaming wise everything has been slow. I’ve only been raiding with my WoW guild and other than that I’ve mostly been vegetating infront of my PC watching streams and random Youtube movies.
Before I descent into melancholy I will leave you all with one of the most brilliant comedians to have graced this world in the past 40 years. I hope my next post will be better!