BfA Prep: Update

Taming the Felbat

So with BfA ever edging closer (only 9 more days!) I’d like to give a small update on the BfA prep goals that I had set for myself. I tried to keep them doable and I actually made a lot of progress in the past two weeks.

1. Class mounts.
I’ve actually done all of them except Mage! I’m currently doing the questline on Mage though so I will probably get that done tomorrow and I can officially close this chapter. After doing 11/12 I have to say that there are some massive differences from class to class in how they obtain their mount. The easiest ones literally only have a scenario to complete while the harder ones are prefaced by a series of quests. All in all I’ve found it quite enjoyable to do and I’m quite pleased with myself that I’ve gotten them all done so fast.

2. Professions/Profession Quests. 
This one mostly regarded my Paladin and her Alchemy. I’m quite happy to report that I’ve cleared out all of the Alchemy Quests in my Questlog! I’m also 6 days away from unlocking every single Legion recipe. This because I need to do “Wild Transmutation” to discover the last few things I’m missing so yeah. I’ve also been making some profit by selling flasks that I needed to make to level up. I’m at 100/100 Alchemy/Herbalism for Legion and I’m ready to tackle BfA profession wise. Other than the odd profession quest here and there on my other characters I consider this goal to be done.

3. Emissary Quests/Honor Grinding
Unfortunately this has fallen quite to the wayside. I’ve been focused a lot on getting some other stuff done but with my last Class mount looming on the horizon I think I’ll have more time to do these.

4. The Chromie Scenario
Same as number 3 really. I will have more time the coming few days because no more other class shenanigans. I’m taking my Warrior through and see how it is. I’ve heard rumours that with the whole stat squish and pruning it’s become rather easy, but we’ll see.

5. Level an Allied race
I’ve been working on this actually! I’ve made a baby Nightborne Warlock who is currently sitting at level 30. I’ve chosen to go the Stonetalon Mountains > Southern Barrens route for leveling for now. I’m throwing in the odd dungeon here and there but try to keep my play time limited. I don’t want to burn myself out leveling when there is a new expansion right around the corner. I may reach close to level 50 when BfA launches and I think I’ll be stuck there for a while, but I’m progressing. Slowly.

I think I’ll do one more update the evening of the BfA launch. For now though I’m going to enjoy finishing off the final things and taking it a bit slower in general. Because in 9 days we’ll be off to a new adventure!

Shameless Stealing: Ranking the Races

So Syp over at Bio Break did a post a few weeks ago where he ranked all the races in World of Warcraft. I am shamelessly stealing this idea and will present my own ranking from best to worst in this post. Just as sidenote, I don’t play male characters in MMO’s so all these opinions are based on the female models that are in the game. 

Best: Night Elf
Anyone who has followed me for an extended amount of time knows of my love for the Night Elves. I like the original lore, portraying them as badass matriarchal society where the women did the fighting where the men stayed at home. My main has been a Night Elf Warrior for years and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. They also have a good dose of the pretty, I like looking at the pretty, and in general I’m a fan of how armour and weapons look on them aswell as their combat animations in general. They also make the best Druids without any race even coming close.

Blood Elf
Yes, I like elves. Sue me.
Blood elves were the first and only attractive race to play as Horde for a long time. It’s my default Horde race and I enjoy everything about them from armor looks to their sassy jokes. It’s too bad that they can’t be Shamans or Druids or I would have an entire army of Elves on both Horde and Alliance side. As it should be!

Ahh the spacegoats. I can’t say why exactly I take a fondness to Draenei but after the Elves they are my favourite race. I especially enjoy the Lightforged ones but the original Draenei kick ass aswell and I’ve played a Draenei Priest for a very long time because of it. Their passive is great (selfhealing for the win), I like their Russian/Greek oriented accents and Velen seems to be one of the few leaders who actually does something. All in all a great race to play and the reason why I have not one but two Draenei Shamans, a Draenei Hunter and a Draenei Paladin.

Now we come to a bit of an odd one. You see when I rolled Horde back in Wrath there weren’t that many options to choose from when you were a Warrior. I would absolutely never go Orc and I didn’t like the way armor looked on Undead and Tauren so Troll was, back then, my only option. The funny thing is the race grew on me. You could pick a pretty face and small tusks and have this amazing tomahawk type hairstyle in bright red, blue, green or pink. I loved it and I loved my Warrior. Right now I have a Troll Druid Horde side that I enjoy and I think I’ll make a Zandalari Shaman when I can.

I know that Humans tend to be the standard, run of the mill, type characters, it’s why they start off the middle of the pack for me. The only really awesome thing about female Humans is that for some reason weapons are grossly oversized looking on them, making my Warrior dualwielding Armageddon an absolute hilarious thing to see. I still have a Human Mage, who is a nice tribute to Jaina, but I doubt I’ll make any more Human characters.

I’m mostly putting Pandaren over Gnomes/Worgen because I just love my baby Monk. It’s literally the only class they look right as for me and if Blizzard had decided only Pandaren could be Monks I would be happy. I have no issues playing her for long periods of time. I love everything about her. But don’t roll anything that isn’t a Monk. Just doesn’t work.

I couldn’t really decide here so I tied them. I like Gnomes. They’re cute, they have pigtails and pink hair and they’re sassy. What I don’t like however is the fact that armor just doesn’t look right on them and that, for a very long time atleast, the game perspective was odd. I’m tiny in real life and playing a tiny character grates my gears. So yeah.
Worgen had so much potential when they were introduced and I still think my Worgen Warlock is an absolute badass but Blizzard essentially screwed up Female Worgen faces and voices. I can’t really stand to play her too long unfortunately. Maybe after a makeover they so deserve.

Dwarves suffer from the same things as Gnomes for me. They are just too small and armor just doesn’t look right on them. Maybe the Dark Irons will redeem them a bit but rolling a female Dwarf? No thanks.

Again a tie. Goblins have interesting customization and I’ve made a Goblin more than once intending to play it for a longer time. But alas. The “tiny race” issue pops up again and I tend to not log in anymore. Maybe I should try again at some point.
Tauren are on the opposite spectrum for me. I find them too big/bulky and their customization lacking. Armor doesn’t really look right, I don’t like their voices and I have a hard time just playing what is essentally a straight up cow.

I would put Undead higher on the list if I was able to somehow get rid of all the body clipping through armor. Or the fact that they don’t stand up straight. Or the fact that they’re basically rotted and I like the pretty and It’s. Really. Hard.  to make an undead pretty. 

The worst: Orcs
I hate Orcs. You know how Syp is not shy about sharing his hatred for Elves? I’m pretty sure my hatred for Orcs rivals it. I dislike their lore, I dislike their race and their looks. If Orcs were deleted from the game I wouldn’t shed a single tear. Even the Magh’ar ones won’t save this one. No Orcs for me! And this transcends to any other game including Orcs of some variety.

Bonus: Allied Races
A small list of my ranking of the Allied Races!
1. Void Elves: Hello, more elves! Yes please.
2. Lightforged Draenei: More Draenei, more kickass. I’ll take it.
3. Nightborne Elves: See number 1.
4. Dark Iron Dwarves: I made one on the beta and she looked amazing!
5. Zandalari Trolls: I like Trolls, I’ll make another one.
6. Highmountain Tauren: Again, it’s still a cow.
7. Kul Tiran Humans: Humans, but fat. Not a fan. Not even for the awesome wicker Druid forms.
8. Magh’ar Orcs: Do I even need to explain this one?

Legion: A Look Back

Now that we’re less than 10 days away from BfA launch I figured it would be a nice time to take a look back at Legion as expansion and highlight some of it’s highs and lows for me personally. I’d like to talk about my favourite, and least favourite, storylines. Which expansion mount looks the most amazing (hint, it’s a Class one!) and what I found most disappointing overall. So without further ado, here is my Legion in a nutshell!

Shadow Raven mount and end of the Rogue campaign.

Most awesome class campaign: Rogue
Yup. Kind of a shocker isn’t it? I’ve not played Rogue seriously since Wrath of the Lich King and as class it was the last one to see max level and probably my least favourite up untill that point. But holy hell Blizzard did such a masterful job with the storyline here. I have to admit that the class hall itself was a bit of a letdown (I didn’t particularly enjoy any of the Class Halls overall) but the story. Oh the story. And all the iconic characters. I loved the whole thing surrounding Matthias Shaw. I loved staging a pirate type coup. And I especially loved the Class Mount involving me assassinating targets in Horde (or Alliance, depending on the side you play) capitals. It was all very well done and 100% Rogue.

Least awesome class campaign: Death Knight
There. I said it. I know it will probably not sit well with many people because I’ve read nothing but praise about the Death Knight storyline but honestly I hated it from start to finish. Maybe because I was around in Wrath where the whole thing about being a Death Knight was being free of the Lich King and not following in his footsteps. Well here comes Legion and you are basically his puppet again. I hated killing and reanimating things. I hated having to bully my way to information and I sure as hell avoided any unnecessary killings when I could. I feel like Death Knights are set back by this story line and it probably is trying to make a point about how the Lich King is still evil. I just wish I had the choice to not go along with it.

Best looking Mount of the expansion: Shaman Class Mount!
Shaman takes the cake, I mean hello. You’re actually riding an elemental. Can’t really top that can you?

Liquid fire mount best mount

Most disappointing Mount of the expansion: The Riddle Worm/Paladin Class Mount.
This is actually a nice tie. I see people riding around on the Riddle Worms and honestly it’s just ugly. I don’t want to ride a gigantic eel out of water, if it was a water mount I guess I would have taken a bit more liking to it. But just seeing them soar the skies is a sore sight for me. I rate the Paladin Class Mount here because really, it’s just another horse. I would’ve loved to have something a bit more exotic than that. They are pretty horses in their respective four colour variations, but still rather disappointing.

Most creative encounter: Elisande, the Nighthold 
I’m guessing this one comes with a bit of nostalgia goggles because the Nighthold was the last serious raid I did with my guild in the expansion. I really liked the Elisande fight, even though for us it wasn’t a very steep learning curve. The fact that she resets herself while adding mechanics was a delight and I really loved dealing with all of the stuff that was going on there. Killing the right adds, dodging the spheres, it was an amazing fight overall and especially enjoyable on a high mobile class like Warrior.

Most disappointing encounter: Varimathras, Antorus the Broken Throne
This one is most likely caused by the fact that I’ve only done it on LFR but man, this fight is dull. All the mechanics can be neglected and it’s just a straight up tank and spank, making it uneventful to say the least and straight up boring on almost anything but a healer class. Please don’t make fights like these anymore Blizzard.

My biggest enjoyment and biggest frustration all in one!

Best content overall: Mage Towers
This should come as no surprise really. I’ve tackled all 36 Mage Towers, and the Holy Priest and Shadow Priest ones twice, and I can honestly say it’s some of the most fun I’ve had in an MMO in a very long time. Even though some of the Healer ones almost made me break my keyboard, as did Subtlety Rogue on a 1% wipe, I’ve never felt more proud of myself than when I got all of these done. It feels like it’s a testament to my perseverence but also to my adaptability and skill in this game in general. I may not be a Mythic raider but I know how to play everything and I enjoy playing everything.

Stuff I hoped would go away with BFA: AP Grind
The AP grind. Oh the AP grind. It was horrible. Before the whole catch up mechanics it grinded my gears so much. Alting was a nightmare because of this and even playing more than one specc was made so much less enjoyable because of the damned AP grind. I know it’s coming back in BfA in a bit more friendly form but in my opinion Blizzard should have done away with it alltogether.

What Blizzard needs to do more in future expansions: Storytelling like the Class Hall campaigns
I think one of the most outstanding things in Legion were the Class Hall campaigns. Even though some may have had better stories than others (I’m looking at you specifically Monk and beer related content) they all felt unique and fitting to the class in one way or another. I felt engaged in the stories for every class I did and, as cherry on top, it was excellent solo content with a splash of grouping up. It was well executed and really helped built the rest of the expansion with that base. I really hope that Blizzard will do something similar in BfA with tailor made content that you can do solo and gives fun and engaging storylines.

My beloved, and hated, Alchemy station

Most torn opinion: Professions
Ahh Professions. For some reason I get the feeling that Blizzard looked at FFXIV for this. We suddenly had a ton of profession quests in Legion. And even though I enjoyed doing them it also felt like a chore to do on every new alt I made. I’m not overly thrilled on the whole 1-2-3 star recipe thing either, especially for the gathering professions Mining, Herbalism and Skinning. I can honestly say I’ve Mined a LOT on my Warrior this expansion yet I’ve not obtained all three star skills and it’s pissing me off. I like that they added more depth to the professions and I can see why they did the “expansion split” with the pre-patch but I’m not a fan of the star system and the quests get really repetitive when you do them more than once. I guess I’ll have to see what BfA brings on this front.

So there you have it. I could go on and on for a very long time about all the things I liked and disliked about Legion but overall I enjoyed the expansion more than I thought I would, especially without a raiding guild. I can only hope BfA shapes up to be as good and hopefully even better.

What are your opinions on Legion?

Dutch Day: De Efteling

The iconic entrance!

After reading Tessa’s post over on her blog I suddenly got a massive burst of inspiration. She mentioned having a goal to visit the Efteling and what it means for her to do so (if you want to know more, please read her post). It inspired me to start on a (hopefully) weekly segment where I take something typically Dutch and try to explain what it is and what makes it so important to our country and our culture. So from this week on Thursday will now officially be Dutch Day! And the first topic I’d like to write about is the mention that gave me inspiration: De Efteling.

The most basic explanation is that De Efteling is a Dutch theme park. It consists of a plethora of attractions including rollercoasters, a bobsled course and a number of iconic children’s rides that have marked my childhood. The catch is that in the Netherlands it has the same status as a Disney theme park and has a prominent place in our culture and upbringing of our children. There may be a few exceptions but I dare say that the majority of people in the Netherlands have experienced de Efteling at least once in their lives. Either as kids or as adults. It is THE Dutch theme park and it’s not odd considering it’s been around since forever and it keeps expanding over time.

This donkey poops money, as in the fairy tale “Ezeltje Strekje”

The theme park is built around fairy tales, some commonly known throughout the world like Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and Cinderella, and others more local to Dutch Culture like “Ezeltje Strekje”. For the smaller children there is a Fairy Tale Woods area where they get introduced to the fairy tales via exhibits that narrate them. Even as adult it’s a delight to go there and see all the fairy tales. Most of which have been around since I was just a little girl myself (so that’s over 20 years ago!). Then you have the iconic rides like the Python roller coaster, which was the first roller coaster in the Netherlands that had loopings, Fata Morgana which is a boat ride through an Arabian themed fairy tale and of course the Droomvlucht (Dream Flight) that is a ride through a fantasy world.

Aerial view of part of the park, with the iconic Python in the foreground

Then there are the more odd rides like Monsieur Cannibale which consists of spinning pots that make you nauseous as hell with a comic type character cannibal in the middle. Carnaval Festival where every country is represented in their grossly over the top stereotypes and my personal favourite Villa Volta. Villa Volta tells the story of men who used to plunder the countryside in the province while riding goats. They broke into a church and subsequently got cursed. You as audience are asked to break the curse and are led into a room that makes it seem like you’re spinning upside down but you’re actually not. I know it sounds a bit odd but it really is one of the most entertaining rides to be on!

Papier hier!

Next to the well known rides de Efteling also has trash cans called “Holle Bolle Gijs”, also based on a fairy tale, stationed throughout the park. I’ve linked the picture to give you an idea but the thought behind it it’s that it’s a man with an insatiable appetite… for paper. When you walk past them you can hear them say “Papier hier!” which translates to “Paper here!” indicating you can throw away your trash. Next to that there’s also mushroom statues spread throughout the park that play soft music if you put your ear to it.

The whole place has a whimsical and magical feel to it and it’s the most beloved and most popular place to take your kids to on an outing. Some of the rides may feel a bit outdated, but that’s what gives them their charm. I can’t even begin to properly do this park justice and I’ve not even described half of the rides you can actually go on, I would but it would make this post just too damn long. It may be a cheesy line but you really do need to be there to experience the atmosphere properly. So with that I leave you with a picture of the Dragon statue that still scares kids by coming alive if you touch it’s treasure.

This badboy blows steam from his nose and moves around when you try to touch his treasure!

Blaugust Is Here and Darnassus Is Not

I have waited to write this post untill after I did the next leg of the War of the Thorns quest (SPOILERS AHEAD). I found it fitting to take one last screenshot on my Warrior in her home before it would burn. I knew it was coming and I knew it would be heartbreaking from the Alliance point of view and it most definitely was. I have to admit that at the end when you collapse after trying to rescue citizens and are directed back to Stormwind while the Night Elf Priestesses stayed behind had me tearing up. It’s such a sad event and I’m particularly mad at Blizzard at the way they chose to write this. Sylvanas burning the tree in a hissy fit? Really? Even though I know I should wait to see how this plays out I find it very disturbing that Blizzard pulled off this particular move and am beyond disappointed at the writing team right now. I can’t even bring myself to do the Horde side of things because I’m just so… so mad and emotional. I don’t want to aid her in burning the World Tree. I don’t want to have to do anything with Sylvanas at all at this point. Hell even my decision to go Horde for BfA has been heavily affected by this whole scenario. Even though all my friends play Horde I just can’t bring myself to go over to that side right now. It just feels wrong and evil and I want nothing to do with it. There is a reason my main character is a Night Elf and I will do her proud by keeping on playing one into BfA and crush as many Horde as I can. I also know that Blizzard is playing with our emotions like this so we really get into the faction conflict. Well for me it has worked. Nobody touches my tree!

August 1st will always be the day that the Night Elves lost their home now, but it’s also the first day of Blaugust! With a very lively Discord and lots of participants this year I’d love to see how everything turns out. We have game bloggers from all directions of the earth and from all sorts of games. I personally will probably be writing a lot about World of Warcraft the coming weeks, the BfA launch comes at a great time for me, and I want to dedicate a small series of posts to Octopath Traveler which has smoothly worked it’s way into my top 3 favourite single player games of all times. For a full list of participants I’d like to direct you all to this post by Belghast who is once again doing a fantastic job in managing all of this. It’s also his 20th wedding anniversary so drop by and congratulate him!

I really had a long awesome post in the works for the start of Blaugust but my day went a bit different than I thought it would. I ended up with a bit of a headache after being slightly overheated at a barbecue and I honestly can’t formulate sentences very well right now. So my awesome post will be postponed untill tomorrow. I will recap what I loved and didn’t love about Legion and what the status of my goals set untill launch are! So goodnight for now and I will see you guys tomorrow!

World of Warcraft: Battle of the Thorns Tinfoil Hat

Today I want to talk about the Battle for Azeroth prepatch, the currently live War of the Thorns, my perceived ending of it and build a case why I think Malfurion Stormrage may indeed die and why the Alliance burn down their own tree. SPOILER WARNING!!! I will be talking about the prepatch quests and the “Before the Storm” novel by Christie Golden, aswell as reference some of the comics that Blizzard released aswell. If you still want to read the book or if you do not want to be spoiled, turn away now.

If you follow me on Twitter you may have seen that I’ve recently posted a bit of a thread where I explain that the Alliance may actually burn down Teldrassil themselves and why Sylvanas may not be as evil as Blizzard is portraying her to be. I want to dedicate this blogpost to that theory, why I came to that theory and what I think may happen in the BfA expansion. So without further ado, my very first tinfoil hat post!

Legion ending
We start my theory where Legion ends. Sargeras has driven his gigantic evil sword into the heart of Azeroth. Even though we beat the corrupted Titan, we suffered an extreme blow to Azeroth herself. In the wake of this event Azerite is discovered and we are sent to Silithus to investigate on both sides. We speak with Khadgar and Magni who tells us that Azeroth is suffering. In the narrative it seems that Sylvanas (and mostly Gallywix) were the first to discover Azerite. Gallywix tells Sylvanas of this amazing stuff coming up around the sword and he sends his goblins to start mining it (how he knows it’s mineable will become clear in a few mins of reading time!). On the Alliance part of the fence Anduin is informed of Azerite aswell and the fact that the Horde has already begun with digging it up. So it makes sense for Alliance players to scramble to Silithus to stop the Horde effort.
This is basically where the ingame story ends for Legion. We have this huge sword that has exposed Azerite and Alliance and Horde will be fighting over this precious material.

Comics and Before the Storm
After we have restored peace to the galaxy a chain of events is set in motion. Sylvanas retakes Windrunner Spire with her sisters and they all realise they can never be a family again. This comic also shows that Sylvanas went into the meeting with more evil intentions, she had assassins ready to kill her sisters, and that the Void seems to be aware of an aspect of Sylvanas that no one else seems to notice, referring to her as a champion of “Death”. We also see Jaina again and see the struggles of Magni Bronzebeard as he deals with Azeroths’ pain.
The “Before the Storm” novel starts around where Sylvanas and Anduin both get a touch of Azerite in their hands. We see their reactions ingame but in the novel it’s a bit more detailed. Azerite seems to boost your brain and give you amazing and terrible ideas. On Anduins side it is exactly like how it plays out in the ingame cinematic. On Sylvanas’ side though, it seems a bit different. Gallywix doesn’t actually hand her the Azerite but shows her the tip of his staff, that’s made from it. He also reveals that Deathwing probably wasn’t the reason for the Goblin home island volcano to blow up but the fact that the Goblins had been digging too deep and probably hit an Azerite vein.
Sylvanas orders Gallywix to find people to make weapons for her, which he does, while Anduin decides he wants to visit all the people that helped defeat the Legion and plans to make a tour to all capitals. He also for the first time enters the Netherlight temple, the Priest Class Hall, and sees that Priests of all races have no issues working together including Humans and Forsaken. He also learns that Calia Menethil is still alive, Arthas’ sister.
I don’t really want to go into details too much when it comes to this book but I do want to talk about the two major plotlines. The first is the Azerite race and how the Horde and Alliance deal with it. Basically it comes down to Anduin wanting the Cenarion Circle, Earthen Ring and Priests to go to Silithus and try to heal the wound at the behest of Magni Bronzebeard. Sylvanas however sees an opportunity to make powerful weapons so she can finally execute her master plan: Ravage Stormwind.
The second plotline is Anduin still hoping for some sort of peace. After seeing the priests of the Netherlight Temple working together in harmony he sets up a plan for Forsaken and Humans to meet eachother. On the Forsaken side of things a governing body, formed in the absense of Sylvanas, is all too eager to accept this invitation and after deliberations by both faction leaders (Sylvanas and Anduin) the meeting takes place and, as to be expected, goes horribly wrong. Sylvanas kills her own people that are trying to defect and kills Calia Menethil. Anduin manages to stop an all out war starting right there and then but doesn’t prevent Sylvanas from realizing that she’s not universally loved among her people and this probably angers her more than anything up untill that point. For Sylvanas this meeting was a moment of humiliation and defeat, defeat brought by a boy and a girl who was supposed to be dead.

Fast forward: War of the Thorns
So that leaves us with the prepatch. We have powered down Sargeras’ sword as champions by giving up our artifacts and Sylvanas has come up with a plan to take Teldrassil. She explains her motivations to the player ingame, Teldrassil is the biggest harbor for the Alliance in Kalimdor and by capturing it she effectively cuts off Stormwind from obtaining Azerite. It is a great tactical move which is fueled in part by her desire to take revenge on Anduin after humiliating her. She is not planning to destroy it, she does not want to kill all the Night Elves except for one: Malfurion Stormrage. And even that is a tactical kill. She wants to defeat the Night Elves greatest champion in the hopes that they will break and she has a very easy time capturing Teldrassil. What follows are a series of quests that get their own twist depending on whether you play Alliance or Horde. The narrative is largely the same though, with the Horde having some knowledge that the Alliance do not.
Playing from the Alliance perspective you are surprised with the attack by the Horde and scramble to save whatever is left of Ashenvale outposts and Darkshore. You fight the Horde eventually and come to a stalemate at Wellspring River after which you tactically retreat and wait for reinforcements. From the Alliance PoV the Horde is the aggressor in every single way and you are scrambling to stop them.
Playing from the Horde perspective you start your war campaign by taking all the Night Elf outposts in Ashenvale and then regroup at Zoram Strand after it’s clear that the Alliance is making a stand in Darkshore. Sylvanas however orders Saurfang to find an alternate route through Felwood and take a big chunk of the army with him. She takes the rest of the army and invades Darkshore and comes at a standstill at Wellspring River.
This is where the current story ends. Playing from both perspectives you can see how Blizzard wants to influence the Horde vs Alliance narrative. As Horde you only kill the guards in Astranaar. As Alliance you come there to find all civilians dead. As Horde you find Alliance already mining away at Azerite in the Master’s Glaive. As Alliance you arrive to find the Horde doing the same. It’s interesting and it’s really pushing the “Us vs Them” narrative in a smart way.

So what happens next?
From all the information we have I can conclude a few things. Next to seeming a tactical move, Sylvanas started this war to show who’s boss. After realizing she doesn’t have universal control over her own people, let alone the entirety of the Horde, she needed to do something drastic to prove she’s someone they should respect and be afraid of. The Alliance are actually caught unawares by this move, even though Anduin could have known Sylvanas would be up to something after their disastrous meeting in the Arathi Highlands.
With the next batch of quests coming out next week I’d like to make a prediction as to how this will all turn out:

Saurfang will be succesful finding an alternate way to Darkshore via Felwood and will have the Alliance in a two tailed grip. Sylvanas will come from the south and Saurfang will come from the north. Alliance reinforcements will arrive but it will effectively be too late as the Horde will have captured Darkshore in it’s entirety. As last desperation move the Alliance retreats to Teldrassil, beckoning the Horde to follow. Malfurion will engage/distract Sylvanas and Saurfang as her army descends on Teldrassil. Sylvanas kills (or mortally wounds) Malfurion and makes her way to Teldrassil just in time to see how it is set ablaze with the Horde army trapped. The majority of the Night Elves escapes as the Horde army perishes in the fire. Sylvanas escapes back to the Undercity, taking Saurfang with her as she needs to recover from this loss.
Anduin, outraged and struck with grief over the loss of Malfurion then orders the Siege of Undercity and that will be the starting point of BfA.

So yeah. That’s my version of how things will turn out. I know that it’s a lot of buildup to basically only a paragraph of predictions but honestly we don’t have THAT much material to work with here. I am eager to see how the story will turn out and if I am right in my predictions. I guess we know in about 14 days!

It’s Warm: Have Some Screenshots pt 2

Okay so technically as I’m writing this our country has finally broken out of the heatwave. Thunder and mostly rain have passed leaving a desirable 21-22 degrees outside temperature behind, instead of the 36 it was yesterday. So right now I’m sitting next to my window feeling the cool breeze on my back and waiting for the indoor temperature to drop to more comfortable levels aswell. I started out on 31 degrees as I got home yesterday evening, which lasted untill somewhere in the early mornings. I’m now down to 27.7 and hoping it will drop even further. So technically it’s still warm (inside) so here comes part 2 of all the Mage Tower weapons!






And last, but not least! Warrior

So there. Now you’ve seen all 36 Mage Tower weapons in two posts. Personally my favourites are the Druid forms (cat and bear), Prot Paladin/Prot Warrior and Havoc Demon Hunter.

Which one do you like best?

It’s Warm: Have Some Screenshots pt 1

I wanted to do a massive tinfoil hat post on the War of the Thorns in WoW but I’m melting and my brain doesn’t really function well in this heat, so I’m going to throw a collection of Mage Tower Challenge Appearance Screenshots at you instead!

Demon Hunter

Death Knight





That was part one! I know the Windwalker Monk appearance is my login screen but in my excitement I forgot to take a screenshot at the moment supreme haha. Part two will probably follow tomorrow.

BfA prep: What do I still want?

So the battle for Azeroth is upon us in less than three weeks and I can slowly feel the hype building up towards a new expansion. With the Burning of Teldrassil event coming this Wednesday (I’m in Europe so we get it a day later) the real catalyst for the whole Horde versus Alliance War will start ingame. I have to say that due to reading “Before the Storm” I know that another major event happened before this one but I won’t spoil. It just made things a lot more interesting on the Horde/Forsaken part of the deal.

Going into Battle for Azeroth I have decided to reroll to the Horde side of things. Most of my friends are currently playing over there and I really like having people to play with so it was only a natural choice to go to the Red side for this expac. My main will be my Paladin Fiorentin and I am planning to tank on her.

Red shield prot paladin

Doesn’t she look badass? I’m quite happy with my decision and going protection means short queues and probably early Mythic + spots. I’m not really aiming to raid in BfA but if I can get into a PuG here or there I’m quite content. I do however want to try and push Mythic + a bit more for myself. I never quite got higher than M+13/14 or so and I do want to atleast get the +15 done, even if it’s only to unlock an extra artifact colour.
Speaking of those, I am immensly sad to see them go. It’s why I devoted almost all my gaming time into getting the Mage Towers done so I can have ALL the Artifact variations unlocked and ready for transmog. In the picture however I’m rocking the red version of the Hidden artifact appearance for Protection Paladin, mostly because it fits my transmog well.

Anyway, now that you all know what I’m going to main in BfA I also want to talk about what I want to do in the time leading up to release.

1 Class mounts! I still need class mounts on the following classes:

  • Shaman
  • Rogue
  • Mage
  • Warlock
  • Demon Hunter
  • Death Knight

I’m not sure if I can get all of them before BfA launch but I’m trying to tackle as much as I can during the evenings. I’m probably going to start with Rogue since I’m about to finish that Class campaign and this ties into it nicely.

2 Professions/Profession Quests. This mostly concerns my Paladin but I want to get her Legion Herbalism and Alchemy to 100/100 and clear out all the remaining profession quests that I have. I may look at some other characters aswell but for now it’s just the Paladin.

3 Emissary WQ’s and Honor grinding. I’m planning to do my daily Emissary quests still on Paladin and Warrior. Mostly because on Sandrian I have chances of getting the extra caches and on my Paladin I just want the extra rep and materials that can drop from these. Next to that I want to do as many Honor Worldquests as I can to up my Honor level. I’m currently sitting on 17 and the next reward is level 20. Because I know I won’t have the time to do it all every day I’m planning to tie them in with my Emissaries on Paladin/Warrior and then tackle more during the weekends on my other characters.

4 The Chromie scenario. I’ve never paid much attention to this one but it seems like a nice filler. I’m probably going to do this on my Warrior given that I’ve already started on her and I’d like to see where this takes me.

5 Level an Allied Race. Even though I’ve already given myself plenty to do the coming few weeks I’d like to chill down a bit and start leveling an Allied race. For now I have my eyes set on a Nightborne Warlock, seeing as I only have one Warlock now and she’s Alliance. It would be cool if I could get a few levels going but nothing too fancy. I know the level grind is rather slow these days so I’m not setting as goal to reach 110 before BfA hits.

There are a ton of other odds and ends that I can still do, but these are my main goals and guidance as we head into BfA. I hope things will go smoothly and faster than I think they will and I can just breeze through all of this. The only real returning grind is the WQ one since I’m quite far into my Profession Quests on my Paladin and the Class mounts should be doable quickly aswell. All in all I think I set some decent goals for myself that shouldn’t be too hard to obtain. I hope to go into BfA with a nice sum of gold (I should be up to about 100k on Alliance side) and well prepared enough to get a few levels in on launch day.

Norway, Blaugust and BfA prep

It has been kind of all over the blogosphere but Blaugust is returning and I will participate. We have a lot of mentors, participants and people who are totally new to blogging so I’m sure it will be a nice event! All made possible by the awesome Belghast who is hosting the event and who is also keeping tabs on who is actually participating. We’ve even set up a Discord and I have to say it’s a merry band of people (old and new!) already. I’m really looking forward to reading new blogs and to update my feedly with more people to follow over the coming weeks.

Today happens to be the final day of my small vacation week. Even though I’ve been absolutely melting the entire day (and having to clean in this extremely warm weather!) I’m happy to go back to work tomorrow where the airconditioning is cool and the people are I actually like engaging with. The last 7 days however I didn’t spend melting away in my room behind my computer, but discovering Southern Norway and all the beautiful nature it has. And because they say a picture is worth a thousand words, here are some of mine to give an impressio of my trip!

Forests Lake Red panda Houses Town view Harbor view

I’ve had an amazing week with lots of outdoor activities and yet come back more relaxed than I’ve been in forever. We have taken a lot of walks in town buto also went out to walk/hike in nature. We visited the zoo and went on a boat trip to see the many islands that form the Norwegian archipelago. All in all it was an amazing holiday. No bad weather. Nice people. Good food. Beautiful nature and lots of fun. The only real downside that it lasted only a week!

During my time in Norway I’ve also spend a good chunk of the evenings playing Octopath Traveler. Because really after being out and about during the day you don’t really have the energy to do much at night. I anticipated this and brought my Switch with me. This served as an Octopath machine but also allowed us to play some Kirby: Star Allies together, which was a blast.

I’ve come back rested, with a little less money and a lot of good memories and also a shitton of motivation to work on myself, my blog and my education in IT land, but these are topics for other posts.

And now in Gamerworld…
The final topic I want to address in this rather short blogpost is my BfA prep. I’ve completely missed the prepatch launch due to being abroad, but judging the amount of bugs that came along with it I’m sure I didn’t miss that much.
I’ve logged in all my characters this morning to get my Honor level up and decide the talents for atleast one viable specc to play on each of them. I have a post in the pipelines about my Mage Tower adventure and why I failed to get “Field Medic” and another post on how I plan to spend the weeks leading up to BfA launch. So stay tuned!