Chasing Yo-Kai

I’ve had a lovely weekend filled with games. Especially today I really got my gaming groove on and did Crystal Tower, a significant amount of FATE farming on FFXIV and finished off the fourth area of Kirby Planet Robobot. And with finished I mean I found all the cubes, thus unlocking an extra stage… Where […]

Announcements Galore

These past two weeks have been magical. Truely and wonderfully magical. Do you want to know why? I think my inner child cried of joy after some awesome announcements that have popped up in the big bad world of gaming. Let’s start with the most important one…. The Nintendo Classic Mini NES. The moment I […]

Relic Upgraded!

Last Thursday I finally got the item I needed to turn my Yukimitsu Awoken into Kannagi. Before I get the comments. Yes I am slow. I have a love/hate relationship with relics. Have had it since the 2.0 relic and it continues untill today. I remember getting my Dragoon relic for 3.0 when it just […]

Go go go?

                                After a very long wait Pok√©mon has finally released over here in most of Europe with the Netherlands getting added only yesterday. I had downloaded the US version on my iPhone with the help of a new US based […]

Completing Collections

When Disney announced that they would be pulling the plug from Disney Infinity and their publisher (Avalanche) I was heartbroken. I love Disney as a company and grew up watching many of their movies and cartoons. Although I had lost touch with the Disney franchise a bit over the years, discovering Disney Infinity has been […]

Crafting Fever

It feels like forever since I had a chance to properly sit down and write up a blog post. With work being busy and me being upped to work 40 hour weeks I tend to neglect a lot of things I would otherwise spend time on. Blogging is one of them. But today I felt […]

The Secret World: First Impressions

I told myself I wouldn’t buy anything with the Steam Summer Sale… But alas. I’ve caved and bought “The Secret World” Ultimate edition. And I’ve been playing around for a bit! I have to say, the game itself is quite confusing. You really need to be used to playing MMO’s before diving into this one. […]

June Recap

A bit late, but I want to look back at June, my gaming goals, and what I’ve achieved from them. I didn’t set that many goals for myself since I really wanted to take my vacation time to relax and I knew once I had to go back to work there was a big chance […]