When I got home from work yesterday I just completely crashed. Went to bed, got woken up for dinner, went back to bed again. Woke up around 22.00 feeling groggy and realizing that I hadn’t even called one of my best friends to wish him a happy birthday. Yeah. I was THAT tired.

Due to this I obviously also didn’t post, which is lame because I feel like I messed up Blaugust right from the start. Then again I hope to grind out two posts today (one in the morning, one in the evening) to make up for it so I can still say I posted one post “every day”. It’s really not that hard to write, but if your body and mind just work against you and the only thing you want to do is sleep it’s really hard to focus on other things.

As far as this post goes, I’d like to take the opportunity and rant a bit about Bard gameplay in FFXIV. I don’t like it at all. I loved the 2.0 Bard. Although damage may have been slightly bad it still gave me the Hunter Archetype to play that I know and love. Now with Heavensward Square Enix turned Bards into semi-casters, completely taking the fun out of the class. If I wanted to cast stuff I would go Black Mage or Summoner, not Bard. It’s really annoying too that you have to work with an immense amount of cooldowns and somehow have to weave those in between casts. It’s losing me tons of DPS time and honestly, I don’t know how to do it better at all. You can’t really move anymore, if you want movement you need to turn off your Wanderer’s Minuet but then your damage drops. It’s sucky. I don’t want to be a stationary caster. I want freedom to move, I want the old Bard gameplay back! And no buffing their shots/damage doesn’t improve the situation at all. Hell, stuff that I normally breeze through on Ninja like Ex-Roulette, Weeping City and Void Ark take me so much effort to do correctly on Bard that I just more or less have given up on playing the class alltogether.
But Sandrian, you say, maybe you just need to give it more time and practice more and then you’ll get better! Ofcourse that is probably the solution. The thing is, I don’t really have the time to practice the class a lot. It’s not something I would want to be doing with the sparse hours of gametime I have during the week. I want to be able to run content and not be frustrated about having to play a broken class. It’s annoying, it puts a strain on me while playing and it makes me want to throw my controller through the room. And it makes me sad, because I used to main Bard but now… It’s just a husk of it’s former glorious self.

I really hope that SE will reconsider the class design with the next big expansion. I want Bard to feel natural to me again since it is one of my favourite class types to play. I guess only time will tell.

Goals for August

I didn’t do a goals post for July mostly because I had to work so much that gaming, or anything else for that matter, kind of got set on the backburner. Now that we have arrived in August I actually have a bit more time to play again and I dare to set a few goals again aswell.

So what do I hope to achieve in August?!

  • Upgrade my Kannagi in FFXIV. It will only take three more weekly Crystal Tower runs. I should be able to do that, right?
  • Obtain a few more Yo-Kai weapons. Doesn’t matter on which character. I just want more!
  • Level my Warrior on Sarella to 50. I’m very close and those last 5 levels should be doable, especially since I’m also running PotD on her.
  • Get atleast one PotD weapon on Sandrian. I’m doubting between Dragoon or Bard.
  • Finish off Story Mode in Kirby Planet Robobot. This also means getting all the data cubes so I will have unlocked all the extra levels in all the areas! I technically have 2 areas and two levels left for this.
  • Get rank 20 in Hearthstone. A recurring one I know. But one of the goals I set for this year was getting all the card backs.
  • Play some No Man’s Sky when it launches and write about it.
  • Legion events in WoW!

So yeah. Not that many goals, mostly becuase I’m still going to be really busy with work. Regardless of that I did torture myself for this month by signing up for Blaugust again this year. Well torture… I feel like I’ve not been posting nearly enough so I want to use Blaugust to get back into the rythm of posting regularly. So there. I’ll try to turn out a post every single day. I really hope I can do it this time, maybe even more so since it’s a “chillax” Blaugust.



Chasing Yo-Kai

I’ve had a lovely weekend filled with games. Especially today I really got my gaming groove on and did Crystal Tower, a significant amount of FATE farming on FFXIV and finished off the fourth area of Kirby Planet Robobot. And with finished I mean I found all the cubes, thus unlocking an extra stage… Where I found all the cubes aswell! Good times indeed.

Before I discuss the main chunk of this weekend I just want to get a few words in about the 3DS game that has been sucking up almost all of my non MMO time. I got Kirby for €25 about two weeks ago and I’ve been playing it constantly ever since. I’ve never really fully played a Kirby game, but the colourful design and the good impressions it seems to elicit around the web made me cave and buy it earlier than I intended to. So far I’ve been having a blast playing, trying to get most of the stuff on my first runs in levels. Next to 5 levels and a boss level every area you can also unlock an extra level by obtaining all datacubes in every level in an area. Next to datacubes there’s also stickers to obtain in every level, some of normal (blue) quality, some of rare (golden) quality. So far I’ve managed to obtain all datacubes in Area 1, 2 and 4 and I only have 3 left in Area 3. As far as stickers go. I think I’ve gotten quite a lot, but I’m far from being complete.
The game is very happy, bright colours, cool music, not too complicated gameplay. I have died a few times, but that was due to me being a bit of a tard and falling down into the abyss in some levels. I think I have about 5 hours of gameplay in so far and I’m at about 35% completion. I know you unlock new modes after finishing the Story Mode so I’m slowly working my way through that. With only two areas to go I’m sure I’ll be able to atleast beat the endboss of Story Mode this week and then I’ll see what I unlock.

Farming Minions and Weapons
The people who follow me on Twitter already  have seen me post a few pics of me obtaining some Yo-Kai weapons over the week. So far I have the Paladin, Warrior and Ninja weapon on Sandrian and the Warrior weapon on Sarella. I also managed to obtain all 13 minions on Sandrian this afternoon so I could get the Whisper-Go mount. Even though I don’t have much with the Yo-Kai franchise in general I do think all the minions, weapons and the mount are quite cute and a must have on both my characters. Luckily the event lasts all the way untill October, meaning I don’t have to frantically grind to get everything I want. Ofcourse it will still be a lot of work to get all THIRTEEN weapons on both my characters, but seeing the current droprates for the legendary medals you trade in for the weapons, the grind isn’t that bad. I’m in the realm of needing 15 medals per weapon now so it’ll take a bit longer than the 7 I needed for my first one, but farming FATES while waiting for queues to pop has proven to be a very effective way to get my medals and not be bored while waiting for stuff. Couple it with me still having a lot of sub-60 classes and I’m also getting a good chunk of leveling done aswell. My Warrior on Sarella dinged 45 and my Machinist on Sandrian dinged 51 so I’m making some progress in that department aswell!
What’s also really nice is that you can immediatly store the weapons you obtained in your armoire so they don’t take up space in your bags. I’m not sure how many I’ll use for glamours. So far I’m using the Warrior one on Sarella and the Ninja one on Sandrian because I do like the looks of them… For now.

Next to the whole Yo-Kai event I’ve also worked my way through Crystal Tower for the week. I really want to upgrade my Kannagi so I’ll have to bite the bullet and queue up for all the old raids every week for five weeks in a row. With two weeks done I should be done with my upgrade in about three weeks from now, getting a nice glow back on my weapon.
If it wasn’t for the relic upgrade I probably never would have set foot in the old Crystal Tower raids again. I never really liked them a lot, especially World of Darkness, and with so many people rolling on a few of the things I am actually interested in it used to be a very disappointing experience for me as a whole. I can’t count how many times I’ve rolled on the Onion Knight minion and never won it. The music scrolls they added now fall under the same category. Too many people rolling on them. I did however manage to get lucky in my first run of WoD (I had to do a second one because I had forgotten to pick up the weekly quest…) and somehow won the “Puff of Darkness” minion with a very shitty roll. I can only assume that almost everyone else in the raid already had it or didn’t care about it enough to roll on it.

It makes me happy to have it though! I’m over 100 minions collected now. Also thanks to the Yo-Kai event. I still miss a lot of them but even then. More than 100 minions is a lot.
I’ve also been seriously considering ordering the two carbuncle plushies since they’re available in the Square Enix EU store again but man the prices of those things! I don’t mind paying for the plushie and the ingame minion, but with shipping costs included it’s quite expensive in the end. I do want them though, so I’ll wait for my credit card to refresh for August, I’ve limited myself to max €100 euro a month on that thing, and then I’ll probably order them anyway.

All in all I’ve had a nice weekend. Lots of games. Game streams. It was nice. And next to all of that I still got my chores done too!

Announcements Galore

These past two weeks have been magical. Truely and wonderfully magical. Do you want to know why? I think my inner child cried of joy after some awesome announcements that have popped up in the big bad world of gaming.
Let’s start with the most important one….

The Nintendo Classic Mini NES.
The moment I heard this console was coming out I nearly peed myself with excitement. I’ve never had a NES growing up, I was in the Sega Mega Drive (or Genesis) camp. My uncle did have an old NES but we went there only one or two times a year and I had to share the thing with atleast 5 cousins so actually playing never really happened. Imagine my surprise and excitement that Nintendo announced a special Mini NES containing 30 games out of the blue. Ofcourse I immediatly needed to have this and as we speak it’s on pre-order at my favourite gaming store. For €60 only this little console is very very cheap. Due to it also being tiny I can imagine myself dragging it along to friends to play with. I just need to get my hands on that separate second controller, which for some reason wasn’t in the system yet. I am super happy that I’ll get to experience a lot of games that I’ve only seen glimpses of and finally will be able to mesh with the “oldschool” Nintendo gaming crowd. It’s also nice to see how games have evolved from the NES to the SNES since I’ve been buying some of those on my 3DS on release (DKC 3, Megaman 7/X). Don’t even get me started on the fact that I seriously love small, simple controllers and that I will be able to use this new NES controller with my WiiU aswell. If only I would’ve known earlier, I wouldn’t have bought my WiiU Pro controller. But alas.
I really hope Nintendo doesn’t screw this up like SEGA has with some re-releases of the Mega Drive including 80 games. I’ve read horrible reviews on that…

Speaking of SEGA. They have made a few announcements of their own! Seeing as it’s Sonic’s 25th anniversary they have been working hard on some new releases in the franchise which includes a trip back to the famous 2D platformer where it all started.

Sonic Mania! Just from seeing the trailer I feel like I’m 6 years old again and starting up my Mega Drive for the first time. My mum and dad had a go at playing themselves aswell and we all thought the system was amazing and gorgeous for it’s time. For SEGA to release a major throwback like this just warms my heart and I can’t wait to get the game on either my PC or PS4. Even when rewatching the Youtube announcement while writing this post the trailer gives me a real dose of nostalgia and memories of good times.
But wait… There is more!

Hello Project Sonic 2017. Although the trailer doesn’t give away much it does hint to being able to play with other people. I don’t know if this is online or not or if this some kind of MMO or not but man… Doesn’t this look awesome? Also mark the fact that at the end of the trailer it says it will be released on the Nintendo NX aswell. Which means this is the second big gaming franchise, after the Legend of Zelda, who has a game confirmed for the NX. I know the game won’t come out untill Christmas next year but atleast I will have something to majorly look forward to.
Sonic for me is just flashbacks to my childhood when it was very popular on TV, next to being an immense hit as a game and basically the answer to Super Mario at the time. Although SEGA may have left the competition when it comes to consoles, they have one of the best franchises to their name. And although not all Sonic games have been amazing it’s nice to see them still doing so well after all these years.

All in all an amazing time to be a gamer. The only thing that could top this is Naughty Dog announcing they’re doing a new Crash Bandicoot game for the PS4. If or when that happens I think I’ll be one of the happiest gamers on the planet.

Relic Upgraded!

Last Thursday I finally got the item I needed to turn my Yukimitsu Awoken into Kannagi.
Before I get the comments. Yes I am slow. I have a love/hate relationship with relics. Have had it since the 2.0 relic and it continues untill today. I remember getting my Dragoon relic for 3.0 when it just released fairly fast. I didn’t mind the FATE grind and also got the dungeon part out of the way pretty easy. I started out on the next step of the quest but then switched main to Ninja. Where I had to grind out the first stages of the relic again and somewhere at that time I just lost interest. The last two months or so I’ve been slowly making my way to upgrading anyway though, mostly through Beast Tribe dailies.

Although I’m not really impressed with how it looks (I lost my glow!) I do think the design of the daggers is quite brutal. Gone is the smooth design, hello hooks that will tear your guts out the moment these daggers plunge themselves into your belly. Honestly I think I should get a damage bonus based on how this weapon does it’s job alone. I mean. Instead of just clean cutting into someone I actually do way way more damage. I do like the screenshot I took when obtaining the weapons though. I managed to get it at just the right time!
Let’s talk some stats aswell.

As you can see when you click on the picture the weapon itself is ilvl 210, which isn’t bad but still the biggest factor that holds back my DPS. Weapon damage is the biggest DPS boost for all classes and for Melee classes this is even more true. Furthermore it comes with a bunch of Dexterity and Vitality, Determination and… Skill Speed. Bummer. Skill Speed isn’t that important to Ninja’s, not since they fixed Mudra lag anymore. I rather would have had Crit instead of SS there, but apparently you can adjust your relic later on so I might just look into that. As for the weapon itself. It’s Dyeable, which I haven’t tried yet, and it was a decent upgrade from the previous version weapon damage wise.

I’ve already taken up the next step in the big relic grind, which basically comes down to running the old Crystal Tower raids 5 weeks. Right now I only need to do Labyrinth of the Ancients for the week and then I’m done for this reset. Compared to the massive grind to get Kannagi I think it’s nice that Square gave us a little breathing space on the next part of the quest. I do understand that this part is more of a “catch up” part since there were ilvl 230 weapons available in the game and the relic needs to be atleast on par. With this information though I should be able to upgrade my Kannagi to Hyperconductive Kannagi somewhere in August. I’m looking forward to it!


Go go go?

IMG_1369 IMG_1370

















After a very long wait Pokémon has finally released over here in most of Europe with the Netherlands getting added only yesterday. I had downloaded the US version on my iPhone with the help of a new US based Apple account, but with the wonkyness of the app in general and the huge security “bug” in the app on Apple phones I decided to uninstall and just wait for the official release here. Which didn’t actually take that long.
So yeah I’ve joined the Pokemon GO hype. Allthough I’m probably not as hardcore as some people I’ve already caught a neat bunch of Pokemon and am working on hatching eggs. I don’t necessarily go outside especially for this game, but I do take my phone with me if I have to go somewhere anyway and that way I’m slowly making some progress. It’s a neat little AR game and I’m mostly laughing at the Pokestops around my neighbourhood. Niantic really knows what to pick here and then and so far they have included a drawing on the wall of the school I live across and a specially painted school crossing on our nearby roads. With the lack of statues or actual symbols I guess this is the best they can do tho, otherwise people in the boring suburbs like me wouldn’t have a Pokestop anywhere!
As you can see from my screenshots I’ve chosen team Mystic (Articuno <3) and I’m only level 5 or so. And yes, I picked Bulbasaur as my starter Pokemon. Mostly a childhood nostalgia thing, when I was 8 and got Pokemon Blue I picked Bulbasaur as starter aswell. So I just went with it this time again. I’m slowly learning the ins and outs of the game and am keeping high CP Pokemon and transferring all the rest away. Basically I just keep catching everything I see, just for the candy fodder. I’ve not really come across anything rare yet, although for some reason a Ghastly popped up at my house this morning, so obviously I had to catch it.
So far I do still find the game incredibly buggy. I had a nice stroll of about 35 mins around the neighbourhood, going off into the park nearby. Unfortunately I didn’t notice that my phone was continuously trying to connect to the servers (spinny pokeball), so not only did nothing register for my eggs, absolutely no Pokemon popped up either. Oh well, atleast I walked a bit today!
I might even go out again in a few hours, since the weather is incredibly nice and it’s a shame to sit inside all day anyway.

Grinding dailies and racecourses
Next to the Pokemon Go hype I’ve been mostly engrossed in playing FFXIV and Mario Kart 7. I got the latter with a discount from the Nintendo e-shop thanks to “My Nintendo” and I’ve been having a blast playing the game. I finished 50cc and 100cc cups and am now throwing myself at the 150cc ones. I’ve been slowly unlocking all the wagons and accessories and with every 150cc cup I beat I also unlock a new character to play. I actually forgot how immensly I enjoy racing games and Mario Kart is no exception. I predict I’ll be done with the 150cc cups by the start of the weekend next week and after that it’s just perfecting them all to three stars, win all the cups in Mirror mode and grind out a retarded amount of coins if I want to 100% the game. Ohwell.

In the FF department I’ve been mostly busy with grinding items for my relic. I’m only 6 items off of upgrading as we speak and I hope to get two more by the end of the evening. If I have calculated everything right I should be done with my upgrade somewhere this week…
I can then finally start to focus on some other things like levelling my Monk and maybe some crafting classes.
I also hope to grind out the last two ranks of Brawler’s Guild I need on WoW before the patch hits on Wednesday. So far I’ve just been making silly mistakes on the bosses, causing me to ragequit here and then. I really do want that mount though, so I’ll have to suck up and just do it I guess.


Completing Collections

When Disney announced that they would be pulling the plug from Disney Infinity and their publisher (Avalanche) I was heartbroken. I love Disney as a company and grew up watching many of their movies and cartoons. Although I had lost touch with the Disney franchise a bit over the years, discovering Disney Infinity has been a blast for me, especially since they added the Star Wars franchise.
In March they announced many many plans stretching way into 2017. There would be a DI 4.0, there would be more playsets, limited edition figurines, crossplay. You name it, they were working on it. Alas in May completely out of the blue Disney announced they would be stopping with the Infinity franchise. Cancelling all future plans and basically pulling the plug on the most beloved toy-to-game franchise out there. I’m still baffled as to why they decided to do this, but unfortunately it has happened and there is nothing we can do about it now.
Fast forward to this week and I see Disney Infinity figurines and playsets being priced down like crazy. All the stores here want to get rid of their supplies since it’s a dying brand now and I still wanted to pick a lot of them up to complete my collection… So I did.

This was my collection two days ago after coming home. I picked up three additional figurines yesterday (Chewbacca, Poe Dameron and Fear from Inside Out) which leaves me with only one Star Wars figurine I still want to have: Darth Maul. Then I will have completed my Star Wars movie set and can sleep “easy”. No I’m not planning on getting the figurines from Rebels because I have no idea who they are and am not interested whatsoever.
I did complete my Inside Out collection now and I have almost all 3.0 Disney cartoon figurines with only Olaf, Mickey/Minnie, Spot and Baloo missing. And the newly released Alice Through the Looking Glass and Tron figurines which I have 0 interest in. The only thing I DO want to have is the Finding Dory playset which turns out to be extremely rare and the Nemo figurine you can get on it’s own.
All in all, if I look at my wishlist, there is still one playset (Finding Dory) and four figurines (Baloo, Nemo, Olaf, Darth Maul) I want to get. The rest of the figurines either do not hold my interest or are made in such a way I don’t like them (I’m looking at you Mickey and Minnie). So for the next few months I will be scouring the stores trying to get my hands on these, and any other interesting ones from maybe 1.0/2.0 that I can find.

What I find particularly interesting is the fact that I’ve been whipped into this crazy collection frenzy, knowing that it’s a franchise that will probably not be around for much longer. Although I never actively participated in the online community I did fell in love with the concept and it majorly triggered my collectionist self. I guess I’ll have to shift focus to another brand, with Amiibo being the most logical ones. I’m already planning to buy the first one of those, in the form of Wolf Link due to the new Legend of Zelda game. I’m also planning to get Kirby: Planet Robobot with Amiibo edition so that would mean the beginning of my Amiibo collection.
Let’s hope that Nintendo doesn’t pull the plug on those aswell.

Crafting Fever

It feels like forever since I had a chance to properly sit down and write up a blog post. With work being busy and me being upped to work 40 hour weeks I tend to neglect a lot of things I would otherwise spend time on. Blogging is one of them. But today I felt relaxed enough with my time to carve out a chunk of my evening to write a nice post that is actually longer than 200 words and mostly screenshots.

First off: I’m skipping the Gaming Goal list for July. Honestly I’m just working way too much to realistically set goals for a lot of games. Add up that in the weekends I’ll mostly be busy with either social activites and/or clearing out the house (oh my lord we have so much junk) and you can see how it seriously eats away at my already limited free time. Even though I might not formally make a gaming goal post I do have some things I want to have achieved by the end of the month, most notably upgrading my Ninja relic on Sandrian and getting my Monk on her to level 50 in FFXIV. I’m only 14 items away from upgrading the relic as of today so it should be easily doable. As for the Monk, she’s sitting at level 41 now so that should be doable aswell. Other than that this month is a complete free for all. I’ve recently started playing The Secret World and I really want to keep doing that for atleast one night a week so there’s that and in the meantime I guess I’ll be spending most of my time on my 3DS since it’s really the only gaming device I can pick up and just play. Oh and Pokémon Go… When it ever rolls out here in the EU. I will probably spend a lot of time on that.
Now what HAVE I been up to the past few weeks?

Crafting, Crafting and more Crafting
Since I get home really tired and often am not finished with dinner and everything surrounding it before 8pm I’ve resorted to doing stuff in FFXIV that is relaxing to play. So instead of stressing out over capping my Lore, gearing my characers or all that nonsense I decided to turn my attention to Gathering and Crafting on both my characters. Sandrian already has Weaver at 60 and all the other crafting and gathering classes above level 20 atleast. Sarella however was a different story. I never really got into crafting on her so I either had to make do with having to level from scratch or somewhere in the level 5-10 range. I can proudly say that all my Crafting classes are atleast level 15 now with some of them already being 20 aswell. The Ixali dailies have been most helpful with this and I’m enjoying myself, which is what matters most. Although the leveling goes in a fairly slow pace I’m still happy with the progress I’m making and I’m not worried about pressure at all. I know I’ll get all these classes to 50 and then 60 eventually, it will probably just take a bit more time than someone who pursuits the game in a more hardcore fashion.

Next to Sarella I’ve also been busy on Sandrian. As I’ve mentioned before I pushed Weaver to level 60 with the help of the Moogle dailies that were introduced with patch 3.3. As much as I hated doing the Moogle quests the first time around in the Churning Mists I have to say that the Moogle dailies aren’t a problem at all. They take about 5-10 minutes a day to do and they give a lot of experience to leveling crafters… plus a ton of items you can trade in for either Relic items or the old Blue Scrip gear to boot! With me being in relatively bad crafting gear the level 58 gear has been a real big upgrade. So much that I can actually start crafting up collectables so I can upgrade my gear even further to the Red Scrip level.
I’m not an expert crafter at all and I don’t know much about what the ideal path to gearing up is, but I would like to delve a bit deeper into the Crafting world so I can make myself nice outfits, pets, mounts and other goodies. Maybe if I learn to play the market I’ll even start earning enough gil to buy my own house! Instead of just owning a room in the FC house.
Plus, doesn’t my little Miqo’te look incredibly cute with her oversized crafting hat on?

World of Warcraft?
I have been playing a bit of WoW on and off the past weeks. I made sure I got both the toys from the Midsummer Fire Festival, moving my achievement up to 117/150 toys collected now. I know there are a lot of easy to get toys out there still but my focus hasn’t really been on there. I do want to get to max rank with atleast the Brawler’s guild though since I want that mount… And Blizzard will be shutting it down for a while, probably with the pre-Legion patch. I’ve also broken 100k gold for the first time since Cataclysm. I’m at 120k now and still steadily going up. I’m not sure if I want to use this eventually to buy game-time again or if I want to use it to buy ingame exclusive stuff like expensive mounts. For now I’m just saving up so I can start off in Legion with a decent amount of gold on my name. I can’t believe the launch is in less than two months already!

Lastly I’ve been spending most of my time on my 3DS. I have finished New Super Mario Bros 2. and am working my way through several other games. In Donkey Kong Country Returns I’ve killed the second boss and arrived at world 3: Ruins. In Pokémon X I’m well on my way to getting the thrid badge and I’ve added Mario Kart 7 to my collection where I’ve completed the 50cc races and am now slowly making my way through 100cc. And boy that is a leap up in difficulty. I really can’t wait to start doing 150cc and unlocking characters. But all things in time.
As you can see/read I am working on enough projects when it comes to gaming. Progress isn’t that fast as it could be, due to my limited amount of time, but I do get some things done and even get to finish games! For someone who has a huge backlog, that is mostly unfinished, finishing any game right now is a real achievement. Especially considering the amount of time I have to spend on games in general.

The Secret World: First Impressions

I told myself I wouldn’t buy anything with the Steam Summer Sale… But alas. I’ve caved and bought “The Secret World” Ultimate edition. And I’ve been playing around for a bit!
I have to say, the game itself is quite confusing. You really need to be used to playing MMO’s before diving into this one. So beginner friendly? Not really.
Character creation was ok, so was choosing a faction. I watched the introduction to all three and chose the Dragons. Templars felt too much like the Catholic church and although the Illuminati are interesting, I feel they are inherently too dark. Dragon sounded exactly like my cup of tea, so I went with that.
I probably picked up the weirdest weapon combinations ever (Elemental Focus and Fist Weapon) but so far I’m immensly enjoying the gameplay.
Oh and I took screenshots!

Meet Sassiej! I kind of didn’t notice she closed her eyes.
I made my way to Salomon Island that’s apparently infested by zombies and met the world’s last cowboy.

And after that I headed to Kingsmouth which was also under attack from zombies… And for some reason had a weird guy in a cat costume locked up playing a flute?

All in all I’m really liking the different setting. I’m mostly used to fantasy MMO’s with WoW and FFXIV being my top played. Diving into the “real world” with all it’s conspiracy theories and secret organisations is hella fun. And confusing… Mostly confusing.
I’ll keep you guys updated on how it goes! Seeing as I did buy the ultimate edition I have up untill issue 11 to play through. Go me?

June Recap

A bit late, but I want to look back at June, my gaming goals, and what I’ve achieved from them.
I didn’t set that many goals for myself since I really wanted to take my vacation time to relax and I knew once I had to go back to work there was a big chance I’d be working for 40 hours a week… And I was right. That seriously cut down my gaming time, but well.
Let’s see what I’ve done!

MMO Goals

  • Level Machinist to 50 on FFXIV
  • Unlock all 3.3 content on FFXIV
  • Do the Golden Saucer event on both my Moogle and Cactuar character
  • Get 100k gold on WoW Alliance side (currently sitting on 83k)
  • Start working on the 300 toys achievement in WoW (currently sitting on 102)

Blizzard Games

  • Reach rank 20 in Hearthstone
  • Reach level 15 in Overwatch
  • Finish Chapter 4 of the Diablo Season
  • Play HotS and unlock another Hero (Lunara or Chromie)

Consoles and Handhelds

  • Defeat the second gym in Pokémon X
  • Defeat the 4th gym in Pokémon Blue
  • Play through chapter 8 and some side missions in Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright
  • Play through the House of Gales in Legend of Zelda: A Link between Worlds
  • Ratchet and Clank: PLAY IT!

In FFXIV I’ve made some decent progress. I’ve gotten my MCH to 50 and my WVR to 60! The introduction of the Moogle daily quests have boosted my crafter a lot and it’s the first one to 60 for me so I’m super proud of myself. I’ve also been working on my relic upgrade and am only 20 items off now! Just the final push left to finally being able to upgrade my daggers.

In other games, well I’ve done my rank 20 in Hearthstone and I have played some Overwatch, just not to level 15. I’m way over 100k gold in WoW and I have gotten some toys… Most notably from the Midsummer Festival.
Although I only defeated the second gym in Pokémon X from the list I’ve also finally managed to finish New Super Mario Bros 2 on my 3DS, one of the games I wanted to kill the endboss of this year! So I’m really happy about that and I’m also happily fighting my way through DKC: Returns on my 3DS aswell.

All in all I’ve gotten some stuff done and other stuff not so much. In FFXIV I’ll probably be mostly focussing on finishing my relic next month and as for the rest… I’ll have to think.